Moose Hunting

Wapoos Sibi is Moose country

Moose Hunting

At Wapoos Sibi, we have a superior population of Moose! Each group of 2-4 hunters have their own private territory for a successful prime hunt! Wapoos Sibi is Moose country. Moose up to 1400 pounds have been taken. Our kill rates are unusually high since we maintain exclusive rights on our territory, and we have hunt "zones". Each 25 to 30 square km (approx. 10 to 12 sq. miles) zone is the private reserve of only 2-4 hunters. This makes for a very safe and undisturbed hunt.

More Details About Moose Hunting

Our exclusive territory of 100 square KM, counts 44 lakes and a total of 2 lodges and 5 outpost cabins. The Main Lodge is located at the Main Camp. It is a typical Canadian style hunting and fishing lodge, is fully equipped and offers all the comforts of home. The other hunting camps are outpost camps, typical rustic Canadian log cabins, very comfortable and private, hidden in remote areas of our exclusive territory. These outpost camps are excellent for the more independent and adventurous hunters. Each hunting lodge has a deck with a BBQ that overlooks one of our 44 lakes of our exclusive territory. Wapoos Sibi is known for its personal and upscale service and we always suggest guiding service for the hunters. This offers the hunters a greater opportunity for a prime and successful Moose hunt!

A chef is available for groups who want to concentrate their efforts on Moose hunting. Wapoos Sibi offers great French cuisine – with great wines! - and Canadian specialties – Canadian wild game, Angus Canadian steaks, the fish of the day from the club, etc.