George and Judith’s Tips

Over 44 years of hunting and fishing adventure at Wapoos Sibi

Moose Ratatouille with George’s special touch!

As a young boy, George was fortunate to have a Dad who would take him and his brother to camp and fish in La Vérendrye Park, in Northern Quebec. It was during those years that he learned to appreciate the wonder of nature and the basics of fishing.

Passion and Pride

Some 44 years ago, George joined Wapoos Sibi as a member and became the sole owner in 1988. Since then, much time, effort and expense has been invested to upgrade the facilities, fishing, wildlife as well as road access to the lakes and streams.

To this day, George maintains his passion for Wapoos Sibi, and takes pride in preserving the territory as it was 100 years ago when the Cree Indians used to paddle its pristine waters. George invites you to come to Wapoos Sibi: “Throw some line, have a glass of wine, a cigar, and relax! “

Speckled Trout a la Napolitaine with Judith’s special touch